Tuesday, September 14, 2010

L'Estrange: A Horse and a Lion

There was an old hungry Lion would fain have been dealing with a Piece of good Horse-Flesh that he had in his Eye: but the Nag he thought would be too fleet for him, unless he could supply the want of a Heel, by Artifice, and Address. He puts himself into the Garb, and Habit of a Professor of Physick, and according to the Humour of the World, sets up for a doctor of the College. Under this Pretext, he lets fall a Word or two by way of Discourse, upon the Subject of his Trade; but the Horse smelt him out, and presently a Crochet came in his Head how he might countermine him. I got a Thorn in my Foot t’other Day, says the Horse, as I was crossing a Thicket, and I am e’en quite Lamer on’t. Oh, says the new Physician, do but hold up your Leg a little, and I’ll cure ye immediately. The Lion presently puts himself in Posture for the Office; but the Patient was too nimble for his Doctor, and so soon as ever he had him fair for his Purpose, gave him a terrible Rebuke upon the Forehead with his Heel, that he laid him at his Length, and so got off with a whole Skin, before the other could execute his Design.

Harm watch, Harm catch, is but according to the common Rule of Equity and Retaliation, and a very warrantable Way of deceiving the Deceiver.

Source: L'Estrange 37.
Equus et Leo Medicus

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