Friday, September 17, 2010

Herford: The Wolf and the Crane

A Wolf who had the habit rude
Of bolting greedily his food,
When eating a quick lunch one day,
Swallowed a bone that stuck halfway,
Causing such agonizing pain
He sent in haste for Doctor Crane,
And offered him a handsome fee
To pull the bone out instantly.
The Crane at once with ease and skill
Plucked out the bone. But when his Bill
For Payment Due he then presented,
The Wolf his impudence resented.
Quoth he, "A Crane 's well paid that draws
His head in safety from my jaws."

Source: Herford Aesop 45.
lupus et grus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. This image definitely shows what a risk the foolish crane took in helping that wolf!

M0475 Perry156

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