Saturday, September 18, 2010

Herford: The Gnat and the Bullock

A Gnat, once chancing to alight,
After a long and weary flight,
Upon a Bullock's horn to rest,
With a loud buzzing thus addressed
The Bullock, "Pray, good Sir, allow
Me to express my thanks; and now
If you don't mind, I'll fly away,
Unless you'd rather have me stay."
"Pray do whatever you decide;
'Tis all the same to me," replied
The Bullock; "I was not aware
Until you spoke, that you were there."

Source: Herford Aesop 8.
Taurus et Culex

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. You'll have to look hard to find the little gnat!

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