Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boothby: The Lion, the Robber, and the Traveller

A Lion on a heifer stood.
A Robber, passing thro' the wood,
Ask'd for a part: "To them who take,"
The Lion says, "no gifts I make."
A harmless Traveller by chance
Appear'd; not daring to advance.
"My friend," says Leo, "nothing fear;
Approach, and take with you this share,
Due to your modesty." This said,
He to a neighbouring thicket sped,
That his fair boon the honest stranger
Might take without alarm of danger.
A conduct beautiful and rare,
As is too often made appear,
When impudence the prize obtains,
And humble merit nothing gains.

Source: Boothby - Phaedrus 2.1.
Leo, Iuvencus et Viatores Duo

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