Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L'Estrange: A Hare and a Sparrow.

A Sparrow happen'd to take a Bush just as an Eagle made a Stoop at a Hare; and when she had got her in the Foot, poor Wat cry'd out for Help. Well, (says the Sparrow) and why don't ye Run for't now? I thought your Footmanship would have Sav'd Ye. In this very Moment comes a Hawk, and whips away the Sparrow; which gave the Dying Hare this Consolation in her last Distress, that she saw her Insolent Enemy overtaken with a just Vengeance, and that the Hard-Hearted Creature that had no Pity for Another, could obtain none for her self neither, when she stood most in need on't.

'Tis with Men and Governments, as it is with Birds and Beasts. The Weaker are a Prey to the Stronger, and so one under another, through the whole Scale of the Creation. We ought therefore to have a Fellow-feeling of one anothers Afflictions; for no Body knows whose Turn may be next.

Source: L'Estrange 431.
Passer et Lepus

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