Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L'Estrange: A Cobler turn'd Doctor.

A Bungling Cobler that was ready to Starve at his own Trade, changes his Quarter, and sets up for a Doctor; and by the Force of Sour Looks, and Hard Words, Conjures himself into some sort of Reputation with the Common People. His Masterpiece was a Composition that he Bill'd about, under the Name of a Sovereign Antidote. This Physician came in time to fall Sick himself, and the Governor of the Place gave him a Visit. He calls for a Cup, and a Dose of his Antidote, puts a little Fair Water in't, under a Pretence of so much Poison; stirs it together, and gives it his Patient. This (says he) is only to try the Force of your Medicine; and if you outlive it, I'le give ye a considerable Sum of Mony for your Receit. The poor Quack had more care of his Life then of his Credit, and so for fear of being Poyson'd, told the whole Truth of the Matter, and how he came to be a Physician. The Governour upon this Discovery, call'd the People together, and bad them consider the Folly and Madness of their Confidence, that would venture the Patching up of their Carcases, upon the Skill of an Ignorant Fellow, that no body that knew him would trust so much as with the Mending of a pair of Old Shoes.

There's Quacking in all Trades: Bold Ignorance passes upon the Multitude for Science; and it is with Men as 'tis with Brutes, some are to Eat, and others to be Eaten. Confident Knaves, live upon Credulous Fools.

Source: L'Estrange 401.
(not in Mille) Perry475

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