Friday, October 1, 2010

Pratt: The Two Frogs.

There were once two frogs who were very dear friends. One frog lived in a deep pond in the woods. The other frog lived in a pool by the road-side. One day the frog from the deep pond made a visit to the frog in the pool. "O come and live with me!" said he. "It is not safe for you here. Bad boys will stone you. Teams may run over you." "I thank you," answered the frog in the pool. "But I like to live here. There is so much to see. So many people go by. I like my home by the road-side." A week passed by. Again the frog came to visit his friend. But the friend was not to be found. "Where is the frog that lived in this pool?" asked he of a bird that lived in the tree over-head. "Too late! Too late!" sang the bird."What do you mean?" asked the frog. "Dead, dead! run over by a wagon! run over by a wagon!" chirped the bird. Then away he flew; and the frog hopped slowly back to his home in the woods.

Source: Mara Pratt's Aesop 20.
Ranae Duae Vicinae

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