Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pratt: The Wolf and the Goat.

A wolf went out to look for his breakfast. Up on a steep cliff he saw a goat. "I must have that goat," said the wolf to himself. "But can I reach her?" "My dear friend," said the wolf, "I am afraid you will fall." "Do not be afraid," answered the goat. "But I really am afraid. Pray come down here in the meadow. The grass is sweet and fresh." "I thank you," answered the goat. "But I know very well what you want of me. I will stay where I am. I do not care to be eaten by you." The hungry wolf showed his teeth; but little harm could he do. The goat was already far away, and the wolf had yet no breakfast.

Source: Mara Pratt's Aesop 4.
Lupus et Caper

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