Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Herford: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

A wicked Wolf once donned the skin
Of a dead Sheep and so got in
Among the flock, deceiving by
His artifice the shepherd's eye.
All day, secure in his disguise,
He watched his prey with gleaming eyes
And ever growing appetite;
But fate willed otherwise. That night
The careful shepherd, counting o'er
His sheep, discovered one sheep more
Than he possessed, and, looking through
The flock again, he caught and slew
The Wolf and hung him to a tree,
That any passing Sheep might see,
And, having seen, might warn the rest,
"A Wolf's a Wolf, howe'er he's dress'd."

Source: Herford Aesop 31.
lupus ovis pelle indutus

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M0086 (not in Perry)

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