Sunday, September 19, 2010

Herford: The Fox, the Lion, and the Ass

Once on a time it came to pass
The Fox, the Lion, and the Ass
Agreed to hunt in company.
The hunting over - - when the three
Viewed the result, well satisfied - -
The Lion bade the Ass divide
The spoil. So, wishing to be fair,
The Ass gave each an equal share.
Straightway the Lion, who could see
No virtue in equality,
Declared the judgment void and ate
The Judge. Warned by the Ass's fate,
The Fox exclaimed with ready wit,
"The Lion's share is - - all of it!"
"Right!" roared the Lion. "Come now, tell
Who taught you to divide so well?"
"It was," replied the Fox, "alas!
Our late lamented friend, the Ass!"

Source: Herford Aesop 41.
Leo, Asinus et Vulpes, Socii - Osius

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