Saturday, September 18, 2010

Herford: The Cat, the Monkey and the Chestnuts

A Monkey and a Cat one day
Were sitting by the hearth, where lay
Some Chestnuts roasting. "By the way,"
Exclaimed the Ape, "I never saw
A Cat with such a perfect paw
For pulling Chestnuts from a fire,
And though I always did admire
Our master's hands, yours to the touch
Are softer far!" This was too much
For Pussy. With a flattered "Mew!"
She reached into the fire and drew
A Chestnut out. The hot coals seared
Her paw, but Pussy persevered
Till she had pulled out every one.
Then, turning round to gaze upon
The Chestnuts, found that there were none!
Just empty shells! All Pussy had
Was burns and the reflection sad
That she had singed her paws to feed
Her folly and the Monkey's greed.

Source: Herford Aesop 32.
Simius et Feles

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Bennett images, who has a delightful way of imagining the animal characters in human form!
(not in Mille Fabulae et Una) (not in Perry)

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