Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Herford: The Arab and his Camel

A Camel standing in the cold
Outside an Arab's tent made bold
To ask if he might put his head
Inside the door. "Why, surely," said
The Arab. "Well, since you're so kind,"
Resumed the Camel, "would you mind
If I should put my neck in too?"
The Arab smiled assent. "Pray do!"
The Camel thanked him and complied,
Remarking as he pushed inside,
"Far be it from me to presume,
But could you for my knees make room?"
"Aye! ' cried the man, "without a doubt!
"Well," said the Camel, "how about
My hind legs? Standing halfway through
Keeps the door open." "Very true;
Come in and close the flap," replied
The kindly Arab. Once inside
The Camel found it cramped. "Dear me!
This tent's too small for two!" cried he,
"I must have room to turn about!"
With that he pushed the Arab out.

Source: Herford Aesop 49.

(not in Mille Fabulae et Una) (not in Perry)

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