Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Mice who Watched the Cat

The Mice who Watched the Cat. In a hole in the wall lived a large family of mice. They watched the cat who was lying on the floor; she looked downcast and had a sad expression on her face. Then one of the mice said, "This creature looks very gentle and kind. It has a virtuous look on its face; I want to talk to it and create an everlasting friendship." Having said this, the mouse approached, whereupon the cat grabbed him and tore him to pieces. Then the rest of the mice, seeing what had happened, said to one another, "There is no trusting in appearances, no indeed."

Mures Felem Contemplantes. Mures complures, in cavo parietis commorantes, contemplabantur Felem, quae in tabulato, capite demisso et tristi vultu, recumbebat. Tunc unus ex eis "Hoc animal," inquit, "benignum admodum et mite videtur. Vultu enim ipso sanctimoniam quandam praefert; volo ipsum alloqui et cum eo indissolubilem nectere amicitiam." Quae cum dixisset et propius accessisset, a Fele captus et dilaceratus est. Tunc ceteri, haec videntes, secum dicebant, "Non est profecto, non est vultui temere credendum."

Notes. This is Abstemius 67. As usual with Abstemius, it is not found in Perry's inventory.This is one of my favorite cat-and-mouse fables; of course, any mouse should know that no cat can be trusted, even if it is very pious looking. My cat can look very pious sometimes, but the mice should all steer clear of him, for their own good!

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