Monday, July 19, 2010

A Mouse Born in a Box

A Mouse Born in a Box. There was a mouse who was born in a box and who had led practically his whole life there, nourished on the nuts which were usually kept in that box. One day, however, when he was playing around the edge of the box he fell down and as he was looking for a way back up into the box, he discovered a feast of sumptuously prepared food which he began to eat with much enjoyment. "What a fool I was," he said, "thinking until now that there was nothing better in the whole world than my little box. But here I have found foods to eat which are much tastier by far!"

Mus in Cista Natus. Mus, in cista natus, omnem fere ibi duxerat aetatem, nucibus pastus quae in ea servari solebant. Dum autem circa oras cistae ludens decidisset quaereretque ascensum, reperit epulas lautissime paratas, quas cum gustare coepisset, "Quam stultus," inquit, "hactenus fui, qui toto in terrarum orbe nihil melius cistula mea esse credebam. Ecce quam suavioribus hic vescor cibis."

Notes. This is Abstemius 1. As usual with Abstemius, it is not found in Perry's inventory. It is one of my favorite fables by Abstemius. It's a great story in favor of cosmopolitanism - and "thinking outside the box," as the modern saying goes!

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