Monday, November 21, 2011

Davies: The Ox and the Toad

An ox at water once a toadling crush'd,
Whose dam, then absent, quickly homeward rush'd
And question'd all its brethren where it was:
"Mother, 'tis dead. Before its time, alas,
Beneath the hoof of a huge quadruped
'Twas trampled down!" "Was it as large," she said,
"As this?" She tried her proper size to strain.
"Mother," cried they, "forbear! nor fume in vain
You'll rend yourself in sunder ere you rise,
Howe'er you ape it, to that monster's size."

Source: Davies: Fables of Babrius.

Click here for a SLIDESHOW from the Baby's Book of Fables.
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