Wednesday, December 1, 2010

L'Estrange: A Man and a Weazle.

There was a Weazle taken in a Trapp, and whether she should Dye or not, was the Point: The Master of the House Charg'd her with heavy Misdemeanors, and the Poor Vermine stood much upon her Innocence and Merit. Why says she, I keep your House clear of Mice. Well, says the Man, but you do't for your Own sake, not for Mine. What work would they make the Pantry and the Larder, (says she) if it were not for me? And in the mean time (says the Master of the House) You your Self devour the same things that they would have Eaten, Mice and All: But you would fain sham it upon me, that you do me a Service, when in Truth you do me an Injury; and therefore you deserve a double Death; First, For the Fault it self, and then for the Justification of it.

'Tis according to the Course of those Kind Offices in the World, which we call Friendship, to do one another Good for our Own Sakes.

Source: L'Estrange 441.
mustela et homo

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