Wednesday, December 1, 2010

L'Estrange: The Eagle, Cat and Sow.

There was an Eagle, a Cat and a Sow that bed in a Wood together. The Eagle Timber'd upon the top of a High Oak; the Cat Kitten'd in the Hollow Trunk of it, and the Sow lay Pigging at the Bottom. The Cat's Heart was set upon Mischief, and so she wet with her Tale to the Eagle. Your Majesty had best look to your self, says Puss; for there is most certainly a Plot upon ye, and perchance upon Poor me too; for yonder's a Dow lies Grubbing Every Day at the Root of this Tree; Shee'll bring it down at last, and then your Little Ones and mine are all at Mercy. So soon as ever she had hammer'd a Jealousie into the head of the Eagle, away to the Sow she goes, and Figs her in the Crown with another Story; Little do you think what a Danger your Litter is in; there's an Eagle Watching constantly upon this Tree to make a Prey of your Pigs, and so soon as ever you are but out of the way, she will certainly Execute her Design. The Cat upon this, goes presently to her Kittens again, keeping her self upon her Guard all Day, as if she were afraid; and steals out still at Night to Provide for her Family. In one Word, the Eagle durst not stir for fear of the Sow; and the Sow durst not budge for fear of the Eagle: So that they kept themselves upon their Guard 'till they were both Starv'd, and left the Care of their Children to Puss and her Kittens.

There can be no Peace in any State or Family, where Whisperers and Talebearers are Encouraged.

Source: L'Estrange 403.
Aquila, Feles et Aper

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