Wednesday, December 8, 2010

L'Estrange: A Bee that went over to the Drones.

To what End (says a Bee) should I Toyl and Moyl my self out of my Life for a Poor Subsistence, when the Drones that do nothing at all, Live in as much Plenty every jot as I do? Upon this Thought, the Bee Resolv'd after their Example to work no longer. The Master it seems call'd her to Account for't; the Bee took Pet upon't, and without any more to do, went over to the Drones Party, where she pass'd the Summer easily enough, and to her Satisfaction. But upon the Winters coming on, when the Drones were all Dispers'd into their several Holes, the Bee would fain have gone Home again; but the Cells of the Combs were all Clos'd, so that there was no Entrance, and the Poor Bee Starv'd to Death betwixt Cold and Hunger.

It is all the reason in the World, that every Man in what Station soever, should Work in some sort or other for his Living. Nature her self is always at Work; and a Prince has no more Prerogative to be Idle, then a Beggar.

Source: L'Estrange 461.
M0674 (not in Perry)

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