Friday, December 10, 2010

L'Estrange: Arion and a Dolphin.

This famous Arion was a Great Favourite of Periander the King of Corinth; he Travelled from thence into Sicily and Italy, where he gathered a great Mass of Treasure, and gain'd over and above, the Good-Will and Esteem of all People wherever he came. From thence he put himself aboard a Corinthian Vessel, to go back again, where he got an Inkling among the Ship's Crew, of a Conspiracy to take away his Life. he discours'd the Mariners about it, and came in the end to this Composition; That if he would cast himself presently into the Sea, and let the Conspirators have his Money, there should be no farther Violence offer'd to his Person. Upon this Agreement he obtain'd Liberty to give them only one Song before he leap'd Over-board, which he did, and then plung'd into the Sea. The Seamen had no Thought of his ever coming up again; but by a wonderful Providence, a Dolphin took him upon his Back, and carried him off safe to an Island, from whence he went immediately to Corinth, and presented himself before Periander, just in the Condition the Dolphin left him, and so told the Story. The King order'd him to be taken into Custody as an Impostor; but at the same time caused Enquiry to be made after the Ship, and the Seamen that he spake of, and to know if they had heard any thing of one Arion where they had been? They said, Yes, and that he was a Man of great Reputation in Italy, and of a vast Estate. Upon these Words, Arion was produc'd before them, with the very Harp and Cloaths he had when eh Leapt into the Sea. The Men were so confounded at the Spectacle, that they had not the Face to deny the Truth of the Story.

Money is the Universal Idol. Profit governs the World, and Quid Dabitis et Tradam may be the Motto: But Providence yet in the Conclusion makes all things work for the Best.

Source: L'Estrange 382.
Arion - Osius

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