Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boothby: The Lion Worn with Age

When fate and fortune cease to smile,
Prepare for insults from the vile.
Worn out, and in a dying way,
A venerable Lion lay:
The Boar came on with rankling tooth,
For some offence receiv'd in youth;
The Bull then ventur'd with his horn,
To gore him for an ancient scorn;
The sorry Ass, O last disgrace!
Approach'd and kickt him in the face.
Then he, expiring,"'Tis severe
The insults of the brave to bear:
But, wretch! when spurn'd by thee I lie,
High time it is indeed to die!"

Source: Boothby - Phaedrus 1.20.
Leo Senex

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Rabier images; as you can see, it is from an edition of La Fontaine in French.

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