Wednesday, November 24, 2010

L'Estrange: A Wolf turns Religious.

A Wolf that was past Labour, had the Wit in his Old Age, yet to make the best of a bad Game; He borrows a Habit, and so about he goes Begging a Charity from Door to Door under the Disguise of a Pilgrim: And for ought we know, this may be one of the Pilgrims that were to have Landed at Milford Haven, in the Year 1677. One of his Relations that had the Fortune to Meet him in this Holy Garb and Pretence, took him up Roundly, for stooping so much below the Dignity of his Family and Profession. Why what would you have me do? says the Pilgrim Wolf. My Teeth and my Heels are gone, so, that I can neither Run, nor Worry, and I must either Cant, and turn Religious, or Starve.

When People can live no longer by Downright Rapine and Villany, for want of Strength, Means or Ability to go on at the Old Rate, 'tis a common thing for 'em to Drive on the Old Trade still under a Semblance of Religion and Virtue: So that Impotency goes a great way toward the Conversion of an Old Sinner.

Source: L'Estrange 436.

Here is an image for the story (image source) show the wolf as a would-be monk.
M0100 (not in Perry)

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