Wednesday, October 27, 2010

L'Estrange: The Sun and the Wind.

There happened a Controversy betwixt the Sun and the Wind, which was the Stronger of the Two; and they put the Point upon this Issue: There was a Traveller upon the Way, and which of the Two could make that Fellow Quit his Cloak should carry the Cause. The Wind fell presently a Storming, and threw Hail-shot over and above in the very Teeth of him. The Man wraps himself up, and keeps advancing still in spight of the Weather: But this Gust in a short Time blew over: And then the Sun brake out, and fell to Work upon him with his Beams; but still he pushes forward, Sweating and Panting, till in the End he was forc'd to Quit his Cloak, and lay himself down upon the Ground in a Cool Shade for his Relief: So that the Sun, in the Conclusion, carry'd the Point.

Reason and Resolution will Support a Man against all the Violence of Malice and Fortune; but in a wallowing Qualm, a Man's Heart and Resolution fails him, for want of Fit Matter to work upon.

Source: L'Estrange 223.
Sol et Boreas

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