Saturday, October 30, 2010

L'Estrange: The Goose and Gosselin.

Why do you go Nodding and Waggling so like a Fool, as if you were Hipshot? says the Goose to her Gosselin. The Young One try'd to mend it, but could not; and so the Mother ty'd little Sticks to her Legs, to keep her upright: But the Little One complain'd then, that she could neither Swim nor Dabble with 'em. Well, says the Mother, do but hold up your Head at least. The Gosselin dendeavour'd to do that too; but upon the Stretching out of her long Neck, she complain'd that she could not see the Way before her: Nay then, says the Goose, if it will be no better, better, e'en carry your Head, and your Feet, as your Elders have done before ye.

Ill Examples corrupt even the best Dispositions, but we must distinguish betwixt natural and moral Evils.

Source: L'Estrange 222.

A Canadian goose and gosling (source).
M0574 (not in Perry)

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