Monday, September 27, 2010

Pratt: The Fox and the Crow.

A crow had stolen a piece of cheese, and had flown up into the tree with it. As she sat there on the bough, a fox came running along. "O that cheese!" said he. "How good it smells! I will have it as I live." So coining close up under the tree he said, "Dear Mrs. Crow, how beautiful you are. I did not know before you were so beautiful! How bright your eyes are! And how your feathers shine in the sunlight!" The silly old crow was flattered and began to rustle her feathers. "I wonder if you can sing?" continued the fox. "I know you can! Of course you can! I do not doubt that you have the sweetest voice in all the forest. Please sing one note for me! " "Caw! caw!" cried the crow. "Ha, ha!" laughed the fox, as the cheese dropped from her bill. "Your voice is very good; and so is the cheese."

Source: Mara Pratt's Aesop 8.
Vulpes et Corvus

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