Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Goldfinch and the Boy

The Goldfinch and the Boy. A goldfinch was asked by the boy who took excellent care of him and who fed him with abundant and enjoyable food why, when the bird was outside of its cage, it didn't want to go back in. The bird said, "Because I want to be the one in charge of my feeding, not you."

Carduelis et Puer. Carduelis avis, interrogata a Puero, a quo in deliciis habita et suavibus et largis cibis nutrita fuerat, cur cavea egressa regredi nollet. "Ut meo," inquit, "me arbitratu, non tuo, pascere possim."

Notes. This is Abstemius 43. As usual with Abstemius, it is not found in Perry's inventory. Of course, this is a hard lesson for the boy to learn. I always wonder if we should imagine him letting the bird go - or perhaps punishing the poor creature for ingratitude? In the harsh world of Aesop's fables, the second option is probably the most likely sequel to the story.

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