Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Horse, the Donkey and the Barley

The Horse, the Donkey and the Barley. The donkey asked the horse to give him some barley. "I would do so gladly," said the horse, if I could, and since I am a noble animal I would give you a generous portion. Just wait till we reach the manger this evening, and I will give you a sackful of grain." The donkey said, "Since you are refusing to give me even a little bit now, why would I expect more from you in the future?" Moral. The story is for those who give little although they promise much.

Equus, Asinus, et Hordeum. Equum cum rogaret Asinus parum sibi hordei dare, "Libenter" inquit "si possem, et pro dignitate nostra large tribuerem. Sed cum venerimus ad praesepia vespere, dabo tibi folliculum plenum farre." Et Asellus, "Qui rem tam parvam negas, quid in maiori te facturum existimem?" Morale. Fabula eis qui cum magna promittunt, parva negant.

Notes. This is Ademar 58, which is Perry 571 in Perry's classification scheme. I like the way that the horse horse in this fable wants to keep up the image of "generosity" even if he is completely selfish!

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