Saturday, November 20, 2010

L'Estrange: A Taylor and his Wife.

There happen'd a Grievous Quarrel once betwixt a Taylor and his Wife. The Woman in contempt of his Trade, call'd her Husband Pricklouse; he gave her a Box o'th' Ear for't, which serv'd only to make her more outragious. When this would do no good, he set her up to the Chin in a Horse-Pond; but so long as her Tongue was at liberty, there was not a Word to be got from her, but the same Nick-Name in Derision over and over again. Well (says he to himself) there's no way, I perceive, to quiet this Woman, but by stopping of her Mouth; and so he had Duck's next bout over Head and Ears. When she was under Water, and could call him Pricklouse no longer with her Lips, she held up her Hands over her Head, and did it with her Thumbs by the Knicking of her Nails; and when he saw that once, he was e'ev glad to give her over.

The last Two Things that die in an Impetuous Woman, are her Tongue and her Stomach, when she cannot have her Will.

Source: L'Estrange 354.
Vir Pediculosus et Uxor

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