Saturday, November 20, 2010

L'Estrange: A Dog and a Cat.

There was a Dog and a Cat brought up in the same House, from a Whelp and a Kitling, and never were Two Creatures better together; so Kind, so Gamesome and Diverting, that it was half the Entertainment of the Family to see the Gamboles and Love-Tricks that pass'd betwixt them. Only it was Observ'd, that still at Meal-times they would be Snarling and Spitting at One Another under the Table: And what was the whole Sum of the Controversie at last, but a Dog-and-Cat-Wrangle about the Picking of a Bone, or the Licking of a Trencher?

Flesh and Blood does Naturally Consult its own Advantage; and when that comes to be the Question, There's the Bone that in some Degree or other sets all Mortals together by the Ears.

Source: L'Estrange 488.
(not in Mille) (not in Perry)

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